Positive Youth Concepts

Dedicated to helping the youth of the New Hampshire Seacoast area. Located in historic Exeter, NH.


They Say "It takes a Village"

Do you ever worry that you're just not getting through to your child? Does it seem like no matter what you try, nothing seems to work? Some families don't have a "village" to help them with all the different struggles kids face today. I have worked in many different settings; hospitals, group homes, schools, residential treatment centers, and clinical outpatient offices. I have helped lots of children and families with similar situations that you're probably facing. Give me a call and see what we can do together to help your family.


Child/Adolescent Therapy

Helping kids stay connected to their communities, families, and themselves.

Family Therapy

Helping families understand each other's needs and learning how to best meet those needs.

Education Consultation

Providing families with extra support around educational directions and understanding the options available.


We believe that child and adolescent therapy should be something that is mostly fun. When done right, the child doesn't notice that they are working on their goals because they are too busy enjoying themselves. Once a therapeutic relationship is established parents and children should regard therapy as something that is reassuring and helpful to attend. If therapy is constantly leaving you feeling exhausted, uncertain of a direction, and hesitant to attend each week... then it's not good therapy.

Our mission is to provide quality outpatient therapy to children, adolescents, and their families as well as provide reliable and helpful consultation to parents in regards to educational concerns.

Why Us?

We have worked with children and families in many different settings and learned how to support them in all the various aspects of life that affect us. Our clinical expertise combined with our understanding and experience with the "systems" (school, mental health, juvenile justice, etc) allows us to support you and your child in addressing the issues on multiple fronts. Sometimes just knowing what to expect and understanding what types of support exists makes all the difference in reaching your goals. Let us help you and your family reach your goals.